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Month 11

All Colours, Shapes and Sizes

Gins come in all sorts of different types, shapes, colours, and more. It’s easily one of the most diverse spirits and becoming more diverse as countries like Australia and Japan stretch the meaning of gin with their own
cultural influences.
Let’s ignore whether it’s New Zealand or Australia which has influenced the gin but we’ll even try one that tastes like pavlova!


Lawrenny Meadowbank Pink Gin

Meadowbank Pink is a beautiful contemporary pink gin sure to enchant. You'll be enraptured from the first taste with a...
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Nosferatu Giselle Pavlova Gin

Just like Grandma's. Inspired by the ballet, Giselle in which ballerina Anna Pavlova famously danced herself to death - gasp....
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Ki No Tea Gin

KI NO TEA is uniquely Japanese. A crafted gin by the amazing Japanese tea grower and blender, Horii-Shichimeien, founded in...
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