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Month 6

What’s it made of?

This month, we’re exploring the base spirit that gin is made from. Unlike vodka, whisky and wine (among other alcohols), the base spirit of gin can be made from almost anything that can be fermented.

Aqua Vitae, the origin spirit for gin, was made from a grape spirit in Italy around 1000 years ago. While gin today can be made from grapes, grains, rice, apples or almost anything.


Monkey 47 Sloe Gin

Monkey 47 made waves in the gin industry with their dry gin which claims to have more botanicals than any...
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Bass & Flinders Monsoon Gin

One of the oldest ways to make the base spirit of a gin is with grapes - aqua vitae, the...
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Manly Spirits Co Barrel Aged Gin

When Manly Spirits was founded, there weren't anywhere near as many gin distilleries as there are today. And the team...
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