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Forget small packages, the good things come in this box! Join to get 3 new gins, 3 mixers and 3 garnishes every month from just $59.

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This month we’re going on a Botanical Journey.

Join the Box Bar Gin Subscription to try three new gins matched with mixers and garnishes each month. Forget small packages, the good things come in this box! Join for as little as $57.50 per month to try gins worth more than $250 each month. You’ll be guided by distillers and our in-house experts.

Each box in your gin subscription is curated around a theme and brings three new and interesting gins from around Australia and the world. We’ve done the hard work of tasting each gin with a wide range of mixers and garnishes to find the best combinations.

As part of your gin subscription, you’ll receive 5% discount on full bottles and, if you join for a twelve monthly subscription, you’ll receive a free full bottle of gin with your second month!

Each month, your gin subscription is guided by our team of in-house experts and the distillers. They’ll provide you with on-demand mixing videos along with tell you stories to give you three unique experiences. You’ll gain access to cocktail recipes, food pairing suggestions and recipes, and heaps of other resources to make your gin tasting experience awesome.

Gin subscription contents of each box:

  • Three gins – A dram (50mL) of three new gins every month; enough to try two different ways!
  • Three mixers – Tonics, ginger beer or soda, your box will always have the best mixers for your gins.
  • Three garnishes (at least) – Equally as important as gin and mixer, the garnish forms a crucial part of your drink.
  • Three great experiences – Watch along with our on-demand videos and content to meet the distillers, learn something new, explore with our in-house experts. Every month you’ll gain access to three new experiences.

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Three garnishes each month

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