The Spirit of Pride

Celebrating the progress made and the progress to come.

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A collaboration between Box Bar x Prohibition Liquor Co.

The teams at Prohibition Liquor Co and Box Bar have collaborated to create this special edition gin just in time for Pride.

The gin is a delicate and contemporary Australian Dry gin that comes in one of Prohibition’s signature glass bottles featuring a striking image of the activists who marched in protests as part of the first Mardi Gras on 24 June 1978. The label is printed with a pearlescent print that shimmers in the light. And the neck is wrapped with the inclusive Progress Pride Flag.

We're proud of our Pride Gin.

You're going to love it!


This limited edition collaboration gin created with Prohibition Liquor Co celebrates the progress made and the progress to come.

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We're donating to the Forcibly Displaced People Network with a portion of each bottle sale. They help LGBTIQ+ refugees escaping persecution to seek a better life in Australia.

the spirit of pride gin

A special release gin by Prohibition Liquor Co.

An iconic photo tells a story...

In June 1978, activists held a fun night-time event after a day of protests against oppression of gays and lesbians in Australia. Many protestors were arrested and publicly, shamed for their efforts.

Nonetheless, the event marked the first Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras parade, and the stage was set to continue annually. Those who marched in the protests are now known as the 78ers.

The photograph on the Spirit of Pride Gin's label was taken by Branco Gaica, one of those present in 1978. The scene shows gays and lesbians actively identifying themselves to the police. It was an act of civil disobedience when it wasn't just taboo to be gay, but illegal - you could be arrested, lose your job and more...

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Featuring a rainbow of botanicals

Pink peppercorn, ruby red grapefruit, lavender & green tea.

Tastes like a rainbow of botanicals

The Gin: Our unique flavour story starts with wormwood, a banned substance in prohibition era, better known for creating absinthe. This with a tinge of ruby red grapefruit & blood orange delivers a fresh citrus edge, taking juniper, coriander and ginger root on a journey away from the standard. Enter stage left, Australian native lemon myrtle (yellow) and subtle notes of green tea, vanilla and lavender to soften the finish and draw out flavour depth on the palate. The result is a sophisticated, deep flavour with a fresh citrus note and warm peppery finish.

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Price $105.00 inc GST
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FREE copy of Voices from 1978  book

for the first 50 to purchase a bottle of The Spirit of Pride Gin this June. Voices from 1978 is a collection of iconic images, reminiscences and reflections to mark the 45th anniversary of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.


Australian lemon myrtle, green tea, vanilla, lavender

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the gin

Prohibition Liquor Co.
Spirit of Pride Gin

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Grapefruit Rounds

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Continue the march

While The Spirit Of Pride Gin has been created to celebrate the progress we've made in the last 45 years since the first Sydney Mardi Gras, the teams at Prohibition Liquor Co and Box Bar want to also contribute to the continued march towards equality. We'll be donating 5% your gin price to The Forcibly Displaced People Network - the first Australian LGBTIQ+ refugee-led organisation.

It is still unsafe and illegal to be a LGBTIQ+ person in more than 70 countries. For many the only way to survive is to seek safety in Australia. FDPN supports LGBTIQ+ displaced people to find a home in Australia.