Sweet like candy

Welcome to the sweet side of gin

Any sweetness in gin is a flavour profile that has been acquired. This style has been crafted to create a sweeter and more accessible way to enjoy gin for all.

The emergence of these sweet new world gins are often full of new and wonderful flavour concoctions that perhaps you’re not sure you’ve seen in gin before. Expect flavours such as madagascan vanilla, cocoa, rose water, strawberries, raspberries and sloe berries to jump up from the gin’s smooth palette.

Don’t be alarmed, these are not only for the sugar fiends out there. The element of sugariness softens and rounds out any spiciness or heaviness leaving a very light and beautiful gin for sipping and mixing.

These gins with sweet notes make for excellent post dinner dessert tipples and marry well with a sweet mixer such as lemonade or even ginger beer.

Welcome to the sweet and candied world of gin.