meet the team

The in-house Gin lovers

As Australia's first dedicated digital gin bar, Box Bar is brought to you by a team of experience hospitality professionals. Collectively, we have more than 50 years experience in wine, gin, whisky, cocktails and hospitality service.

Talking to us is just like being at favourite small bar, except we go wherever you go! Got a gin question? Ask away ...



Chief Experience Officer

James started his career in the wine industry working for Cellarmaster Wines and learned everything he know about alcohol and drinks there. After a decade long interlude in corporate land, he returned to Hospitality at The Fox Hole and now leads The Fox Hole and Box Bar teams to deliver great stories starting with a drink. 

This Friday's cocktail: Charlie Chaplin 
(Made with Plan B Sloe & Mulberry Gin)



Head of Hospitality

Hailing for the UK, Chris started his career at Weatherspoons working his way up to leading teams across multiple bars in several cities across the UK. After emigrating to Australia, he has led The Fox Hole team for the last six years and now the Box Bar team sharing gin, whisky and wine experiences to thousands of people around Australia.

This Friday's cocktail: Old Fashioned
(Made with Woodford Reserve Bourbon)



Head of Commercial & Creative

Brad has always had a passion for good hospitality, utilising his skills in project management, organisational design and his natural ability to identify how an experience or story can be elevated to great, he brings creative flair to our projects. He's also the brains behind the food menus at The Fox Hole.

This Friday's cocktail: Negroni 
(Made with Brunswick Aces Spades Gin)

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Brand & Marketing Executive

Dani joined Box Bar in 2022. Her creative influence has helped the Box Bar team reimagine a completely new look for our subscriptions, she's the reason our boxes are beautiful. Her passion for telling beautiful stories is the reason the video interviews and stories for each gin make sense! 

This Friday's cocktail: Aviation 
(Made with Prohibition Original Gin



Chief Morale Officer

Joining the Box Bar team during the 2020 lockdowns, Rupert was responsible for quality control during the first Christmas with Box Bar. Not satisfied with simply identifying boxes that are not up to scratch, he prefers to shred them into a million pieces all over the warehouse floor. 

This Friday's cocktail: Water
(With a piece of dried apple that fell on the floor)