The best gifts for gin lovers

We've compiled a list (and we've checked it twice) of the best Christmas gifts for gin-lovers in 2021.

We're big gin lovers at Box Bar so when we sat down to make this list we felt like four year olds sitting down to write a letter to Santa. Just quietly, most of the team are hoping some of these are under the Christmas tree this year (just in case you are one the significant other of one of the team). For ease, we've split the list into four categories:

Get excited about what's inside the box!

In-person or virtual, give the gift of experience.

Make it a Merry Ginmas with a bottle or three!

We had a bunch of ideas, we tried to group them...

Gift Boxes

We went out to a group of nearly 100 friends and these were voted the most popular ideas for gifts.


The biggest of our gifts and the one that every gin-lover would love under their Christmas tree. Rather than a gin calendar designed to be drunk during December, this is the Twelve Gins of Christmas to align with the Twelve Days of Christmas which run from Christmas day to 5 January (yes, we had to look it up). So it's the perfect Christmas present. 

This one is what all our friends are getting for Christmas. Breakfast Martinis, made with a little marmalade, are delicious and also a great excuse for drinking before midday - one of our customers pointed out "and they're mostly fruit, so they're basically a salad". It includes a bottle of gin, triple sec, marmalade and also a shaker and jigger (the little measurer bartenders use). Check it out


the gift that keeps giving

One of the most exciting Christmas presents is the one that keeps giving all year round. We've got 3, 6 and 12 month gin subscription gifts. 

Unlike that remote control car we all got when we were 4 years old that didn't come with batteries and Christmas was ruined, the Box Bar gin subscription comes with everything you need all in the box - three big drams of gin, three mixers and three unique garnishes. Check it out now.


One off Gin Box

Whether it's a box exploring one single gin in three different cocktails or a box exploring gins made with and infused with grapes, there's a box suitable for any budget! Check out the boxes here.


One of the best ways to enjoy gin is with other people and these experiences are our pick of both in-person experiences at venues and (of course) our hugely popular virtual experiences. 

explore-gin-withwords (1)

The Fox Hole have created a story-based gin experience that tastes through seven gins, covering four gin-styles, includes all the available mixers (and there are lots), a huge range of garnishes and a 90 minute journey through the incredible world of gin. Paired with canapes, the experience costs just $90 per person and you can grab a gift card on the website as well. Head over to The Fox Hole today.

The team at Bass & Flinders have created a masterclass where you will taste their gins, learn about the history of gin and how it's made, and then blend your own gin! You'll head away with a 500mL bottle of your own blend of gin and they keep the recipe on-file so you can order more of it again another day (or give it as a unique gift!). It's $165 per person. Head to the B&F website to book or buy a gift card.


Gin & Tea
The Fox Hole, Sydney CBD NSW

The perfect blend of everything we love about High Tea and all the good things about a Gin Cocktails during the day. Gin & Tea is our kind of fun. Three tiers of sandwiches, buns, salmon blini, scones, sausage rolls, lemon meringue tarts, and a chocolate brownie (in our opinion the hero - topped with a gin-infused chantille cream!!!). And if all of that wasn't enough, teapots of gin cocktails! $75 per person + $20 to make your teapots bottomless. Booking and gift vouchers are available The Fox Hole website.

gin experience explore hero

Virtual Gin Experience
With Box Bar

✝ Full disclosure - Explore Gin is the reason that Box Bar exists, Explore Gin in a box was the first COVID pivot that eventually led to our creation - so we're obviously biased but we've shared the experience with more than 20,000 people now and they can't all be wrong can they?

Bottles of gin

With thousands of gins around the world, and a new distillery opening almost daily in Australia, the gin aisle can be a little intimidating. These are just a few of our favourites - there are a heap more in the shop. Bottles of gin purchased through Box Bar arrive in a gift box with one, two or three bottles.


Karu Lightning Gin

We often try gins that don't stand up to the way they're described. This one overachieves. . Check it out

bondi liquor rhubarb

Bondi Liquor Co Rhubarb Gin


Bass & Flinders Gin 10

Wild and Spicy is the perfect description for this gin. But don't let spicy turn you away - this gin is perfectly balanced and the grape based spirit adds a smoothness that and texture found in very few Australia gins. The gin-lover in your life will love this one. 

Dasher + Fisher Sloe square

Dasher + Fisher Sloe Gin

A perennial favourite at Box Bar - we've shared Dasher + Fisher gins with tens of thousands of people around the country and their Sloe Gin is easily the most oft-identified as favourite. Syrupy, sweet and yet fruit forward.

Mixers, Garnishes & More

As always, the gin is just the start. Garnishes, mixers, things made of gin, glasses and so much more


The ultimate gin Garnish box

Gone are the days of fresh lime being the only thing we put in our gin and tonics. Whether you're giving as a starter kit for a home bar or just a fun way of expanding the garnishes available for a Thursday night tipple, they'll be stoked to find this box under the Christmas tree. Check it out


Capi Melbourne Tonic

Capi make some of our favourite mixers and they've come up with a new take on tonic. It has cinchona bark (the stuff that makes tonic taste the way it does) but is also infused with citrus and a locally sourced salt. It's got a zing to it. It really brings out the ginnyness of most gins. Check it out


A salt rub made of spent botanicals

The team at Karu Distillery gave us a taste of what they called "Gin & Juice" which they make in collaboration with a local food manufacturer in the Blue Mountains. It's a salt rub infused with the spent botanicals from making Karu's gin. It's delicious. The photo above has a salt rim on a cocktail but we're definitely going to use ours for cooking meats and 

elderflower tonic can

Fever-Tree Elderflower Tonic Cans

Elderflower tastes great. Like if we could flavour steak with elderflower, we absolutely would (if anyone has a recipe, please send it). Fever-Tree have sold Elderflower Tonic Water in 150mL cans overseas for a few years. But not in Australia - at least until now. The Box Bar team are pretty excited to be the first to bring these to Australia and you can only get them here. You may also like Ginger Ale Cans

Gin glass 2

Gin Glasses

While we are guilty of saying that a good gin glass is one that keeps the gin off the ground, there's something special about having a specific glass for your favourite drink. Grab your gin-loving friend or family member a four pack of gin glasses this Christmas.


Sloe Jam!

Okay, so it's actually sloe AND mulberry paste. It's like quince paste except... better. We are often asked what food pairs well with gin and our honest answer is "food" - there is a gin for almost any food style. This Sloe and Mulberry Paste really doubles down on the gin-lyf adding ginness to your cheese board. Yum. Our friends at Plan B Distillery created it with a local providore in Tassie - check it out.