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Month 9

The history of gin...

The origins of gin are chequered at best – from its Dutch Jenever origins to gin made in bathtubs during London’s first gin crazy and gin made in underground secret stills, served through holes in the wall.

This month, we’ll explore three historical styles of gin – Jenever, Bathtub and Old Tom (albeit, modern interpretations).


Citadelle No Mistake Old Tom Gin

Old Tom is one of the first styles of gins that were actually called gin (before Old Tom, there was...
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Ableforths Bathtub Gin

With a nod and wink to history, the Ableforth's Bathtub Gin is named after bathtubs which featured heavily in gin...
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Hurdle Creek Grain Jenever

If you've had a Jenever before, it was probably Bols (basically the only brand of Dutch-produced Jenever available in Australia)....
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