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Moscow Mule Box

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Despite its name, the Moscow Mule cocktail hails from the USA, not Russia. And like most classics, its history had been ‘muddled’ over time.

The Moscow Mule practically crackles from its chill. On a humid Summer’s day the frosty, copper mug will bite at your fingertips and provide welcome, delicious relief from the heat. This box showcases the unique qualities of the Bondi Liquor Co. Vodka and includes a twin set of Moscow Mule copper mugs.

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    • Bondi Liquor Co. House Vodka, 500ml
    • Capi ginger beer, 4 x 250ml
    • Hand cut dehydrated lime wheels, 12 pieces
    • Moscow mule traditional copper mugs, 2
    • White gift box
    • Cocktail instruction card

Please note: on rare occasions, it may be necessary to make minor substitutions in the box you order. If the recipient has any allergies or sensitivities, please ensure they read carefully over the product information provided with the box, as well as on each individual item.

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