Old fashioned

the time tested classic

feels fancy, but is incredibly simple to make

Everything you need to make the perfect Old Fashioned, at home! 

The classic Old Fashioned is a delightful mix of sugar, bitters, and water, combined with whiskey and adorned with an orange slice or zest and a cocktail cherry. This timeless cocktail is typically presented with ice in a traditional Old Fashioned glass.

All you need is ice and the glasses!


What's in the box?

700ml Woodford Reserve. Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey 

200ml Angostura, Bitters

La Perruche, Brown Sugar Cubes

Hand cut dehydrated orange wheels, 12 pieces

600ml capacity, Cocktail mixing glass

30/60ml, Japanese style cocktail jigger

Premium chrome, Hawthorn strainer

Presented in a white gift box + cocktail recipe card

Old Fashioned Box

Price $215.00 inc GST

You cannot get more classic than a classic Old Fashioned. In this box you will find the ingredients for this cocktail along with professional bartender tools to create a range of stirred cocktails at home.

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    • Woodford Reserve Kentucky Straight Bourbon whiskey, 700ml
    • Angostura Bitters, 200ml
    • La Perruche brown sugar cubes
    • Cocktail mixing glass, 600ml capacity
    • Cocktail jigger
    • Premium hawthorn strainer, black chrome
    • Hand cut dehydrated orange halves, 12 pieces
    • White gift box
    • Cocktail instruction card

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believed to be one of the first widely known cocktails