Father's Day Whisky Gift Guide

Find the perfect gift for Dad.

The man. The legend.
The Myth. The Superhero. (Sometimes a bit grumpy).
Deserves an awesome gift.


Designer Dad

He's more into his technology than his lawn. The type of father who was more likely to pull you out of school to check out the latest gallery opening than to catch a Sydney Swans game. He has all the swish mod cons and is at home tinkering with them rather than a lawn mower.

Likes: Technology and well made and designed products with an edge.

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Traditional Dad

The true king of his castle. He's low-maintenance and likes function without a lot of pre-tense, so think of classic and traditional that never goes out of style.
His closet is full of white tees, oil-stained denim, and at least a few jackets from the 70's and 80's. Adjectives to describe this dad are sensible and workable.
Likes: Classic rock, movies and tv shows rooted in the past and a good dose of lawn porn.

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Discoverer dad

Always in motion unless he's resting after a day out on the open road or tinkering with his boat. He values functionality and usefulness of his apparel and gear to support his next ambitious goal or expedition. He's always on the move, out and about exploring the great outdoors as well as the world at large.

Likes: He appreciates a plan – be it for a difficult hike, triathlon, to summit Everest or visit Japan.

Not sure which kind of dad you're buying for? Do the quiz to find out.

Looking for a gift for your father figure that aligns with his personality, that won't break the bank or his sense of style?

We have taken care of the brainstorming and put together a selection of amusing - yet reasonably accurate dad stereotypes, with gifts to match.


Dad absolutely loved his whisky box!
The box came with a selection of snacks and glasses for him to enjoy his whisky in!

I purchased a whisky box for Father's Day and it was a fantastic choice! The selection of whiskies was impressive, and my dad loved exploring the different flavours. Highly recommend!

I purchased this whisky box as a Father's Day gift and it exceeded all expectations. The selection of whiskies was exceptional, and the packaging well-presented, making it a perfect gift for any whisky lover.


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Stepping lightly

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