Blooming Beautiful

stop and smell the gin!

Every now and again we encourage you to stop and smell the roses, and in this case - smell all of the flroals. Floral driven gins are a celebration of native and exotic blooms. Notably aromatic, but nuanced with floral notes.

While juniper berry is the real star of all gins, it is after all an incredibly adaptable spirit, lending itself to be a great base for the beautiful botanicals added. In this case, a showcase for all of those floral medleys and infusions. 

The more traditional invocations of floral gins featured bouquets of rose, lilac, lavender and chamomile. While the more contemporary gins now feature an array of unique flowers and botanicals.

While some distillers choose to use dried botanicals to draw out the essential oils, other instead opt for vacuum or vapour distilled, while others use a method of creating a botanical tea. Made by infusing florals in a neutral spirit before distilling and adding that back to the gin. 

These gins are elegant with a floral and sweet quality that are often combined with a plump fruitiness.