Plan B Sloe Gin

Tash and Fuzz are Hobartians with Scotland in their blood. On a visit to Scotland, they went to a distilling class and found that Tash had an incredible tasting palate and a capability to blend great flavours. After perfecting her craft in a tiny still in their home in Hobart, she began to make gin for their own consumption the first created Pepper Rose which started life called “Fuzz’s gin” because it was her favourite.

Now they make six gins and liqueurs with more to coming including a whisky!

Infused gins are made by taking a dry gin and steeping (or “infusing”) another flavour – in this case Tash and Fuzz have infused Sloe berries (which aren’t actually berries but more like mini plums) into their gin. After 3-6 months, the gin is strained and a liquor added to finish the gin.

Flavour profile

plan b sloe


Juniper, Sloe Berries, Rose Hip, Tasmanian Pepperberries

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