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breakfast martini

gentle and flavourful

a delightful balance of citrus sweet and sour

Everything you need to make the perfect Breakfast Martini, at home! It's the quintessential brunch cocktail.

The breakfast martini was invented in London in the 60's. It's basically a gin sour with a triple citrus twist. A heavy base of cointreau sees an element of richness with a big spoon of orange marmalade and then the final citrus zing, orange zest.

All you need is ice and the glasses!


What's in the box?

700ml Bondi Liquor Co. Citrus Gin 

500ml De Kuyper, Triple Sec Liqueur

300g Beerenberg, Australian Marmalade

Hand cut dehydrated orange wheels (12 pieces)

Chrome cocktail shaker and chrome cocktail jigger

Presented in a white gift box + cocktail recipe card

Breakfast Martini Box

Price $189.00 inc GST

Create a new tradition by starting Christmas Day with a round of breakfast martinis. Showcasing the artisanal citrus-forward Bondi Liquor Co Citrus gin and including a chic black chrome cocktail shaker and jigger set, you will be enjoying many great martinis – shaken, not stirred.

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    • Bondi Liquor Co Citrus gin, 700ml
    • De Kuyper Triple Sec liqueur, 500ml
    • Beerenberg Australian orange marmalade, 300g
    • Black chrome cocktail shaker, 500ml capacity
    • Multi-level jigger cup measure, black chrome
    • Hand cut dehydrated orange halves, 12 pieces
    • White gift box
    • Cocktail instruction card

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the quintessential brunch cocktail